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I loved the Pokemon games, especially Soul silver. I was overjoyed when the Celebi event came around. So I annoyed my mother until she finally took me to the Game Stop by Walmart.

Soul Silver and Platinum in hand, I casually walked into the store and sat in the corner. Nothing could go wrong, right? My shaking hand finally clicked on the Mystery gift button on each game and a text box came up: "You have received a CELEBI!"

After I received it at the poke mart, I immediately grabbed my poke walker, sent Dorogatr back, and put Celebi in. When the sprite appeared on the little screen, I screamed in happiness.

I took a walk around the store and a heart popped up. "CELEBI loves walking with you!". Normally that doesn't happen especially since I had only taken about 20 steps. But I ignored it and walked outside into the winter chill, waiting for my mom to come out of the store with food for my pet rat.

I looked at my poke walker and it said, "CELEBI is cold. Can we go back inside?" I stared at it, shocked. I didn`t know it could feel the weather! I walked into a hair salon and then it said, "lets wait here, its warm."

Puzzled, I used 10 watts to battle an Horsea. We caught it successfully and when we were done, Mom came to pick us up. I quickly ran outside to the truck and bragged about me and Celebi`s friendship together.

When we got home I sent Celebi back into Soul Silver for the night. The next morning, when I was getting ready for school, I thought I should take Celebi with me so I put him in the poke walker right before we left.

Later during the school day, an older kid tried to take the poke walker, mocking me to come and get it. Me, having learned Self-Defense, quickly got it back. Celebi then said, "Thank you for keeping me safe. We`re best friends right?" I whispered "Yeah, you`re the best friend I`ve always wanted." and continued to class.

During 8th period, my friend Brianna looked depressed. The poke walker beeped and another text box appeared. "I can help her." As soon as the box appeared, Brianna sprang back into life and started acting as her normal self. I just thought of it as a coincidence, but whispered a thank you into the poke walker. "Your welcome" it said.

No, wait. They aren`t supposed to respond are they? Now, I knew I had something special.

We continued on through the year, Celebi by my side. We thought nothing was going to stop our friendship, until Summer came. That was when everything took a turn for the worse.

Me and my nephew had been trying to get my Dad to take us to the water park and of course, a text box came up and said, "CELEBI wants to go too!" We began to pack, putting towels and sunscreen in a bag. I didn`t want to take the poke walker with me. I was afraid I was going to break it but Celebi was my friend. I had to take him everywhere, right?

When we got there, I grabbed a tube, hooked mypoke walkerr to the collar of my bathing suit, and began to relax in the "Lazy River".It was quieter than the rest of the park so it wasn`t long before i fell asleep completely forgetting about Celebi. I woke up when some kids splashed water in my face and i noticed something was missing, Celebi. I looked down into the water and i saw the little red and white poke ball directly under me. What appeared beside it stunned me, a small green creature under the water, gasping for breath and faint, drowned out cries, ""

I wasted no time jumping into the water trying to find my dear Celebi but it was no use. My best friend was gone. The next two hours were miserable. I was uncontrollably crying over Celebi. I wanted him back.

When I got home I flipped through my soul Silver manual. When I found the page, with no hesitation I made the DS force Celebi back into the game. I thought everything was going to be ok until the sprite came up.Celebi looked lifeless as the spritelay edd in puddle of water with bruises and cuts all over it`s body.
"I`m so sorry." I whispered as tears streamed down my face. "No you`re not." Celebi said. "I - I thought we were friends." I insisted that I tried my best to find him but he continued, "You left me there to die. Now I`ll do you a favor"

I then dropped my DS as I turned around. A Celebi stood in front of me on the ground, coughing out blood and water. Faint cries could be heard form it.

I cradled it, trying to breathe life into it but I failed as it grew limp in my arms. Then I looked at the floor, and just like in the games there was a text box under me. "Ryuua has run out of pokemon. Ryuua has blacked out!" Then I fell unconscious by the dead Celebi that used to be my friend.

When I woke up, I was at the water park, drowning in the Lazy River like Celebi did on that day.

A text box appeared:
"Celebi and Ryuua have drowned! Celebi and Ryuua died!"

Pokemon Creepypasta: DROWN by Shadow-Creations

/ / / / ©2012-2015 Shadow-Creations
This pasta had 453 views and 27 favs on my other account. Lets see how many itll get here!
My first Creepy pasta, and i have to admit this played out a ton better in my mind but im too lazy to go back and edit it. Mabye in about a year.... oh well if ya like it leave a comment and make some fan art if you will (but i highly doubt) and blah blah......

Just let me know if you think its good and if there are any errors at all ok?
imyourworstnightmere Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student
Creepy~ It doesn't help that i love celebi...
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